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Few medicines have been reported to interact with voveran ge 50 mg which can produce some adverse effects or cause your drug not to work properly.

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All medicines may cause side effectsbut many people have noor minorside effectsCheck with your doctor if any of these most COMMON side effects persist or become bothersome:

Take Voveran SR by mouthIt may be taken with food if it upsets your stomachTaking it with food may not lower the risk of stomach or bowel problemsegbleedingulcersTalk with your doctor or pharmacist if you have persistent stomach upset.

The order comes as a victory for Gujarat-based Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Ltda rival pain management injection manufacturerwhich had waged a two-year battleTroikaa had alleged that diclofenac sodium 75mg/ml injection contains Transcutol-Pwhich causes kidney damage.

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